Key Dates for Presenters

July 31, 2019 – Presenter confirmation and registration due
July 31, 2019 – Notify us if you have any audio/visual needs in addition to those listed in item #2 below
August 31, 2019 – Final presentation materials due
August 31, 2019 – Notify us if you have audio/video, links or polling in your presentation
August 31, 2019 – Notify us if you will need handouts prepared for your presentation

For additional information or to ask a question regarding your presentation, contact

Presentation Materials and Formatting Information

  1. All presenters are required to complete the Presenter Management Survey and submit final presentation materials for IAMRA Symposium 2019 by August 31, 2019.
    • Presentations must be submitted in 16:9 format. To do this in PowerPoint, click on the “Design” tab at the top of the PowerPoint menu, select “Slide Size”, and choose “Wide Format 16:9”.
    • Our online Presenter Management Survey accepts files with extensions (.ppt), (.pptx), (.pdf), (.doc), (.docx), (.wmv), (.mpg), and (.mov) to be uploaded. If you have an embedded movie file(s) in your presentation, please upload and send separately via email to
    • Please include the name of your session on the title slide and disclosures (if applicable) on the second slide. We can provide a presentation template or you may choose to use your own template.
    • Please use the following convention when naming the file: Last_First_ IAMRA2019Presentation_1. If you are submitting more than one presentation, please add a number to the end of each file name (e.g., _1; _2).
  2. The Symposium venue will be equipped with a podium, podium microphone, projection, laptop and power at podium, PowerPoint remote and one wireless lavalier microphone.
    • Please notify us by July 31, 2019, if you have any additional audio/visual needs.
  3. Please notify us by August 31, 2019, if you have audio/video, links or polling in your presentation.
  4. Please notify us by August 31, 2019, you will need handouts prepared for your presentation.
  5. Recording by any means (photographing, audiotaping, videotaping) of any presentation/session is prohibited, except by an authorized agent of IAMRA.

Requirements and Notices

  1. Presenters for accepted sessions must register at the corresponding presenter registration rate to participate in IAMRA Symposium 2019. Submission of an abstract does not confirm your registration for IAMRA Symposium 2019.
  2. The Symposium planning committee cannot be held responsible for abstract submissions not received via the electronic abstract submission form, or for submission errors caused by internet service outages, power outages or unforeseen events.
  3. Based upon the needs of the program planning committee and Symposium attendees, select Symposium sessions may be presented multiple times.
  4. Detailed conference logistics and presenter instructions will accompany IAMRA Symposium 2019 acceptance notices (via email).

Suggested Topics

Please note: All abstract submissions that support best practices and medical regulation innovations will be considered.

Competence by Design
  • Competency-based Assessments: Milestones and Entrusted Professional Activities (EPAs)
  • Assessing Competence for Physicians in Procedural Specialties
  • Assessing Clinical Competence in the Context of Team-based Care
  • Workplace-based Assessments
  • Focused Improvement for Low Performers
Vision for Advancing Continued Competency Systems
  • Incorporating Patient Safety and Quality Improvement to Inform Assessment
  • Identifying the Goal: Assurance vs. Improvement
  • Shifting the Performance Curve
Engaging Patients and the Public
  • Patient and Public Roles in Continued Competency Systems
  • Using Feedback to Inform the Demonstration of Continued Competency (e.g., patient reported outcomes, peer review, etc.)
Data Informatics
  • The Role of Data and Analytics on Continued Competency Systems
  • Evolving Technology and its Impact on Continued Competency Systems (e.g., using new technologies, Artificial Intelligence (AI), digital health environment, simulation and virtual reality, system support of Continuing Professional Development)
Viewpoints from the Medical Education Community
  • Strategy in Program Development
  • Physician Engagement and Intrinsic Motivation
  • Clinician Well-being

See topics from IAMRA Symposium 2017.