IAMRA Gratefully Acknowledges the 2019 IAMRA Symposium Sponsors


Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education

The ACGME is delighted to serve as co-sponsor for the 2019 IAMRA Symposium alongside other leaders in health care education and regulation. The vision of IAMRA — to ensure that everyone is cared for by safe and competent doctors — is one that aligns closely with our mission of improving health care by assessing and advancing the quality of resident physicians’ education through accreditation.


American Board of Medical Specialties

ABMS is proud to co-sponsor the 2019 IAMRA Symposium on Continued Competency. We’re committed to fostering innovation in physician assessment and continuing certification and are excited to bring together experts from around the world to share best practices and envision the future of continued competency systems.


The Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates and the Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research

ECFMG and FAIMER are thrilled to join the other co-sponsors in supporting IAMRA Symposium 2019. We offer expertise in the world’s medical education systems and their graduates, the authenticity of physician credentials, physician assessment, and physician workforce issues. The Symposium is a wonderful opportunity to continue our service to our colleagues in the international medical regulatory community, as part of our mission to promote quality medical education and health care worldwide.


National Board of Medical Examiners

NBME is pleased to join ACGME and ECFMG as co-sponsors of the 2019 IAMRA Continued Competency Symposium, hosted by ABMS. NBME serves the health of the public through state-of-the-art assessment of health professionals, and we are dedicated to research and development in evaluation and measurement. This international accreditation symposium represents an opportunity to support ongoing conversation and innovation that encompasses individual learners, educational institutions, certification programs, and health care systems.

Supporting Sponsors

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American Osteopathic Association

The American Osteopathic Association (AOA) collaborates with IAMRA and other international medical organizations to advance patient-centered, holistic care across the globe. Representing more than 145,000 osteopathic physicians and medical students, the AOA accredits medical colleges and provides specialty board certification, while advocating on behalf of osteopathic medicine, promoting public health, and supporting research. Committed to training future generations of physicians, the AOA is pleased to support the 2019 IAMRA Continued Competency Symposium, hosted by the ABMS, ACGME, ECFMG and NBME.


Federation of State Medical Boards

As an organization focused on public protection and safe medical practice, the FSMB is very pleased to support the 2019 IAMRA Continued Competency Symposium, hosted by the ABMS, ACGME, ECFMG and NBME. Our work in support of state medical boards as they license, discipline and regulate physicians and other healthcare professionals is greatly enriched by our membership in IAMRA and the opportunities it provides for sharing regulatory approaches with our partner organizations around the world.